Sustainability is a mindset that should be applied throughout your facility to reduce waste, improve occupant health and productivity, and save you money. When thinking about sustainability in your building, remember to account for the lifecycle impacts of building materials and equipment. Ask yourself: How long is the equipment or material designed to last? How much energy or water will this product use over its life, and could I save money in the long-run by investing in more energy- or water-efficient technologies? What happens at the end of the equipment’s designed life—can it be recycled or repurposed?

This brief checklist will help you start by identifying the sustainability features you are already implementing, and may give you ideas for new measures to implement in your building (see Step 2 for more details on implementing these features):

  • Energy Use
    • Energy Efficiency
    • Renewable Electricity Generation
    • Energy Storage Systems
    • Microgrids
  • Lighting
    • Daylighting
    • Outdoor Lighting
  • Transportation
    • Electric Vehicle Charging Stations
  • Water Use
    • Rainwater/Greywater Use
    • Water Efficiency
Step Two