Develop metrics to evaluate the current productivity level in the work environment. This productivity level will be the baseline against which you compare productivity after changes are made to the building. Once a baseline is developed, you can start to look at what areas need to be improved. When evaluating your building keep an eye out for the following common workplace problems:

Factors Leading to Enhanced Productivity

  1. Lighting systems – Colors and cycles of light can create an environment very conducive to productivity increases. If your building doesn’t currently have lighting controls newer lamps, you’re probably wasting energy and losing out on a more productive workforce.
    • Daylighting – Access to sufficient daylight is crucial to keeping employees happy and productive. Check your building for skylighting, dynamic window controls, and assess how much of your wall-space is taken up by windows.
  2. HVAC systems – Maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidity within a building leads to better health of occupants. If an employee is shivering or sweating throughout their day, it’s clear that all of their attention is not going to their work.
    • Ventilation – Having good ventilation and airflow helps to avoid stagnation in the air. Again, it would be hard for an employee that has to focus on their work if they’re constantly getting a whiff of their office-mate’s tuna sandwich. Good ventilation and airflow also helps the overall health of the building’s occupants.
  3. Noise – When your employees come into the office every day, they expect an environment in which they can perform their duties without distraction. One big aspect of eliminating distractions is managing the noise within a space. Giving your employees a more peaceful environment will allow your work-force to maintain a high level of performance.
  4. Space and Organization – Sufficient room in all spaces within a building is important for not only the satisfaction of employees, but also their safety. Feeling confined is not a good environment in which to work. Similarly, the layout of a floorplan can make life much easier or much more difficult for the occupants of your building.
  5. Access to AV plugs and ports – Different forms of technology are becoming more and more prevalent. It’s important that your occupants.
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